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Life Well-Lived

My husband’s grandfather passed away this past weekend, and his funeral is today.  I only met George Blazin twice, but he was the kind of person who you could immediately tell was a legend in his own lifetime.  A brave and intrepid force for good, he never sat around and just let things happen.  During […]

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The Coys | Family Photos in Clipper Mill, Baltimore

She’s in that curious, delightful, “mommy’s necklace is the best toy ever” phase. Crawling, reaching, touching, investigating everything with little chubby palms, flashing a smile that ensures she’ll get away with it. Her brilliant parents make perfect dinner party companions. They’re the Teach for America, tech-savvy, stylish type who everyone wants to hang out with. […]

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Home | Fort Ward Park Family Photos, Alexandria VA

Around high school graduation, everybody clings to each other for a few weeks.  Then, as unimaginable as it may have once seemed, we slowly drift in our own directions.  At first, everyone comes home for Christmas, and get-togethers are planned.  Or if you’re in a small city like Boise, you inevitably run into them or […]

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Falling in Love With Family | Washington DC

The air was still and clear, barely a warm breath on your skin.  Baby Eli napped quietly against his mama, then slowly woke to find her arm wrapped securely around him.   Blinking his gorgeous blue-green eyes, he took in his new surroundings with quiet regard.  After a few curious glances at my camera, he […]

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Little Cold Noses and Big Happy Smiles.

As she snipped away at my split ends, I felt a tiny cold nose inspecting my sandaled feet.  He sniffed and nosed around, then crawled underneath the sink and flopped down, eyes half closed, not a care in the world.  I came back later to photograph him with his sister.  They tumbled down the stairs […]

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