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Cinnamon Rolls + Free Education = Great Weekend

It’s rainy today in Missouri.  I’ve been keeping my window open to soak in that late summer scent.  Beside me is an empty plate where that heavenly soft cinnamon roll once was.  It’s quiet here at my desk, but what a day it’s been – my head is still spinning.  And not because I ate […]

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Scorched Earth | The Post

The blackened dirt and scrub had cooled since the fire despite the heat from the sun.  We hoped for clouds, but there was not a wisp in the sky.  The shoot didn’t look one bit like I had originally planned it, but that old Rolling Stones song is true – you can’t get what you […]

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And now, what we’ve all been waiting for…

Last Sunday night, 1am.  My eyes were wide open, ideas going off in my head like firecrackers.  No chance of dozing off anytime soon.  Danny rolled over and threw an arm across me.  “Aren’t you glad that you have a project that you’re so excited about you can’t even sleep?”  It’s true.  I’m lucky to […]

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So if you’re wondering why it has been slow news on this blog lately, it’s because I’m devoting 100% of my “work time” to designing a website.  It’s a surprisingly difficult and soul-searching process to put something representative of yourself up on the web.  Working with Showit to design something that’s totally “me” has been […]

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An Interview with the Fabulous Kristen Kalp

I like to think of Kristen and I as blogfriends.  Meaning, I read her blog, and I think she’s cool, therefore we’re blogfriends.  😀  That, and she’s wearing a really awesome dress in her profile pictures (<—look over there…..see?!?), so I know she must be cool in real life too. Kristen is a photographer and […]

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