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Inspiration | Pure Pilates

Susan Hard is a consummate professional.  Precision, gracefulness, attention to detail, total focus, and concern are the words that come to mind when I watch her work.  The level of precise attention that she and her fellow Pilates instructors bestow upon their clients almost takes my breath away.  Pilates is intense work – but the […]

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Pure Pilates | First Friday Happy Hour

A cold gray wind swirled outside that evening, which only accented the warmth and cheer inside the serene Brookside Pure Pilates studio.  A steady stream of friends and strangers mingled and chatted, all curiously awaiting the evening’s demonstration.  Glasses clinked over delectable plates of food, while questions were asked and answered about the many pieces […]

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Kansas City Women in Business | Louise Meyers of Pryde’s of Old Westport

She has worked there since she was 8, sweeping floors for her father who owned the store.  Even now, the official full owner of Pryde’s for 12 years, Louise still finds herself connected to every facet of the work, from talking to customers to overseeing the wares to, yes, sweeping the floors.  “This is my […]

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Kansas City Women in Business | Susan Hard of Pure Pilates

Ann faced forward with a look of total concentration as Susan, her instructor, watched closely.  With the precision of a dance teacher, Susan allowed no movement to lose perfection of form.  No motion, no slackening of muscle escaped Susan’s attention, though to any untrained eye nothing would ever appear amiss as Ann performed the controlled […]

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Kansas City Women in Business | Valerie McCaw and Sarah Beers of VSM Engineering

Though it made her somewhat of a black sheep in her family of accountants, Valerie McCaw already knew in junior high that she wanted to be an engineer.  A self-described tomboy, she grew up playing in the dirt and was particularly fascinated by a 6th grade unit on building cities.  “Math is like breathing,” she […]

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