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Kansas City Women in Business | Beatriz Mora of Bea’s Designs

As she grew up, her mother told her – “No matter what you learn, it’s always going to be handy in life.  Probably not at the time – but later.”  Beatriz took her mother’s advice to heart from the beginning.  When she was in elementary school, she watched in fascination as a woman created beautiful […]

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Holiday Shopping Head Start Hints

Hello, November – and hello, Holiday Season! The Natural Perfumers Guild posted this on Facebook, and I loved the sentiment!  Particularly this year, when I’ve gotten to know so many entrepreneurs through my Kansas City Women in Business Project.  Excellent small businesses can provide support, individual service, and fabulous personal relationships in a way that […]

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1 Thing I’ve Learned From 7 Women in Business

I have another interview in the queue, but the week grew too busy to do her justice in the post I have cooking.  Instead, let’s step back and look at what we’ve learned from the seven women interviewed so far. These women have all been delightfully different from each other, and what a thrill it’s […]

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Kansas City Women in Business | Jill Tran and Carmen Thomas of Tran & Thomas Design Studio

The best part of their jobs, they agree, is the “reveal” – the unveiling of a fully implemented design to their clients.  They recall one client, a nun, jumping up and down, “squealing and crying like she was on The Price is Right.”  The topic of their clients brings a natural smile to both Carmen […]

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Kansas City Women in Business | Sherry George of Create – Modern Home Decor

She’d lived in Los Angeles for a year, and it just wasn’t working.  It was time for a change – and change was a sea she was already skilled at navigating.  A graduate of Florida International University, Sherry had been so eager to strike out into the working world that she packed her car and […]

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