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A January Walk | Natalie and Jared

They got to know each other perilously close to Halloween, just Facebook friends at first.  They opted to have lunch together one weekday rather than meet for the first time fully costumed at a party.  Probably a good choice, though Jared wasn’t put off when he picked Natalie up for a Halloween party and she […]

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Catching it Unawares | The Freestones

Working on the police force, he has more than a few wild stories to his name – but perhaps no more wild than bailing out of his own 30th birthday party so he could go call this new girl with Italian dark hair and gorgeous eyes.  They laugh when they tell this story, and can […]

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This One Might Actually Make Me Cry | Drew and Margaret

She stared up at him with a sunburst smile and said aloud, but almost to herself, “I get to marry you.”  That’s the magic of engagement – two people who are thrilled to be together, yet still half incredulous that their joy is real and about to become permanent.  And marry him she did, about […]

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Through and Through | Preview

I photographed two dear friends tonight.  They have that kind of love. Time can’t fly fast enough until their wedding next week.  But to pass some of the time, we hiked in the Boise foothills and celebrated love while the sun went down on one more day. Can’t wait to show you the rest.

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A Clarinet and a Piano | Bob and Amber

Back in college, Bob was playing in a band, and Amber and her mother happened to be in the audience.  Amber’s mother pointed him out and expressed approval.  The simple gesture turned out to be the start of a long and wonderful story.  Both were talented musicians, and Amber was and remains a total “knockout” […]

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