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Spiderwebs, Boiled Caramel, and Grabbing the Camera Anyway

I’m so busy stringing spiderwebs over bookcases, arranging skeleton hands in the popcorn bowl, and cutting the tags off of glitter pumpkins that I almost don’t hear the oven timer shrill from the kitchen.  Running to pull open the silver door (where did I just set the oven mitts?) I yank out the pork apple […]

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New York City

I still remember the first time I went to New York by myself.  I couldn’t point to the date on the calendar, but I remember jumping on Metro North in New Haven on a day so humid you could chew the air, and waiting while the train rattled its way through Connecticut, past dizzyingly tall […]

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Snow Cocoa & Tradition

What started out as a graduate school revolt against the dreariness of the Illinois winter has now become an annual McDavitt tradition – a night of hot chocolate and good company.  Never mind that I used the same decorations as last time, or that I only had about ten seconds to snap a few photos […]

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Halloween 2012: The Baltimore Ravens. No, Really.

So there I was on Halloween afternoon, working alone, with no one here to even notice that I’m wearing my cool skeleton socks (*sniffle), feeling bummed that I didn’t carve a pumpkin or get out my bat chandelier this year. But then. You know how when you’re working “in the zone” you’re only peripherally aware […]

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The One-Arm Rule

Much like an uncouth household might have a “one foot on the floor at the dinner table” rule (to prevent chaos while food is being served), I recently instituted a “one arm” rule at the library. That is, I only allow myself to check out as many books as I can hold with one arm.  […]

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