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A Pocket of Sun | Robert E. Lee Park, Towson

Idly scrolling through the weather forecast, Tuesday caught my eye.  A little pocket of 52 degrees-and-partly-cloudy in a long string of icy days.  Warm January days are not to be wasted, so Ann (you may recognize her) and I headed to Robert E. Lee park in Towson to play.  We weren’t the only ones – […]

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You Should See The Light | Rachel

She’s studying to become a physical therapist.  You should see the light in her eyes when she talks about it.  Rachel has a heart about four sizes bigger than most, and every inch of it brims with compassion.  I met her last summer, and I could sense her kindness across the room.  She’s just the […]

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High Heels and Running Shoes | Savannah

If I’ve learned one thing about the Morgan women, it’s that they’ll completely amaze you doing one thing, and then you turn around and they’ll completely amaze you doing something entirely different.  Savannah, the student council cross country star who got dropped off for this photo shoot after piano lessons, loves to cook.  We have […]

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All Smiles at Sunset | Emily

She warned me up front.  “I’m not good at serious faces.”  And why should she be, with that dazzling grin at her disposal?  Emily trotted out the pearly whites (along with a fabulous yellow dress) in downtown Kansas City yesterday.  Labor Day seemed to have drained the city sidewalks of passersby, and we walked up […]

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Scorched Earth | The Post

The blackened dirt and scrub had cooled since the fire despite the heat from the sun.  We hoped for clouds, but there was not a wisp in the sky.  The shoot didn’t look one bit like I had originally planned it, but that old Rolling Stones song is true – you can’t get what you […]

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