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This is no random bio picture.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been to New York City, nor the first time I had been there on my own.  While I studied at Yale I’d occasionally hop on Metro North and land in Grand Central.  A $14 ticket that took me to the center of the universe, it seemed.  But that particular […]

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Chicago Sunset

I had a fun photo shoot with Luis in downtown Champaign today.  Not quite the same as downtown Chicago, but I thought I’d post a few of the Windy City to tide us over until I finish the photos of Luis…. A little love:

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My Printer Is Back From The Dead…

Once upon a time when I was a bright-eyed senior in high school, I went to the bank and carefully withdrew the thousand dollars I had saved up hauling crates of dough, making pizzas, and scrubbing dishes at Papa Murphy’s.   I took it to Circuit City and laid it all down for a brand […]

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Three Awesome Kids

I’m here in Missouri hanging out with my husband’s family.  This evening I took the camera out back with one of Danny’s nieces and two nephews….how fun to grow up next to cousins your same age! I love the chocolate on their faces… Also, Danny and I went on a walk in a park, and […]

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Ivy | The Slideshow

Something about Ivy’s post made me itchy.  Restless.  Why?  You can’t have pictures of a musician with no music! Well, problem solved.  Enjoy this slideshow of Ivy’s images.  Please turn up the volume and hit “fullscreen” (the four arrows pointing all directions) to optimize your viewing experience.  I bet you’ll recognize the song. The music […]

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