December Sun | The Beers Family

The December sunrise was unusually mild, and we didn’t mind a bit.  As the sun climbed higher in the sky, it warmed the still air and sent shadows springing across the leafy ground.  Things are quieter in the forest, even with four (soon to be five) happy kids in tow.  Though barren, the dense trees swallowed the sounds of running and happy yells as the remaining leaves shone in the sun.

Rob and Sarah stood quietly together while I wandered my way through brush and thorn – what a beautiful day to be a family.  A growing family.  I love watching a family stretch and open to welcome a new member.  How precious to capture that fleeting slice in time before the new little one arrives and charms everyone with tiny yawns and fingers that curl around yours.  Once someone becomes part of your family, you cannot imagine life without them.  You lose the details of how it was before, so precious they become to you.  All the more reason to capture that delightful anticipation when you were awaiting their arrival.

We can’t wait to welcome little Noah into our lives.

Rob and Sarah – thank you so much for getting up early so we could go freeze this happy moment in time.  It’s been a wonderful week spending time with all of you, and I can’t wait for Noah to make his big entrance!  Love to you both.

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