This One Might Actually Make Me Cry | Drew and Margaret

She stared up at him with a sunburst smile and said aloud, but almost to herself, “I get to marry you.”  That’s the magic of engagement – two people who are thrilled to be together, yet still half incredulous that their joy is real and about to become permanent.  And marry him she did, about a week after these images were taken.

Drew and I go way, way back.  To Mr. Maywhoor’s 7th grade accelerated math class, to be exact.  Where, to my great irritation, Drew outscored me on pretty much every exam.  But once we got over the whole academic arch-nemesis thing, we somehow became friends.  Drew and I went to college on opposite ends of the country, but thanks to MSN Messenger (remember that?) and later, Facebook, we stayed in touch. Our interactions became less frequent, and more time stretched between each contact, but yet he was always good friend to me when I needed a good friend.  I hadn’t seen him in years when he showed up in the reception line at my wedding, but I couldn’t have been happier that he made the trip.  We had come a long way from math class.

I still remember a phone call when he told me about Margaret.  I don’t now recall much of what he said, I just remember that he was happy.  I finally met her over dinner at a longtime favorite Mexican restaurant in Boise, and saw how comfortable he was with her.  She’s sharp and beautiful, and very kind.  It was thus no surprise that last month I found myself in a church watching them pledge to honor and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.  I maintained a steely grip on my husband’s arm, trying not to cry, kicking myself for not having the good sense to bring tissues.

I’m glad I have some next to me as I type.

Drew and Margaret are going to have an impact on the world.  They are exactly the kind of intelligent, tolerant, faithful people who we need more of.  I was honored to spend an hour or two documenting this part of their love story.  A story that is certain to stretch on for years to come.



Drew and Margaret, I am inexpressibly happy for both of you.  Thank you again for giving me the honor of attending  your wedding.  I loved getting to spend a little time with you in the week leading up to it, and hope that you treasure and share these images for years to come.  I realize that our paths aren’t likely to cross frequently, but I hope that they will nonetheless – and maybe we can snap a few more photos then, too.  Love to you both.

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