Spiderwebs, Boiled Caramel, and Grabbing the Camera Anyway

I’m so busy stringing spiderwebs over bookcases, arranging skeleton hands in the popcorn bowl, and cutting the tags off of glitter pumpkins that I almost don’t hear the oven timer shrill from the kitchen.  Running to pull open the silver door (where did I just set the oven mitts?) I yank out the pork apple pistachio rolls and realize as a wave of scented heat rushes past my face that I haven’t actually dressed for my own party yet.

This is how my “hostess” mode usually runs.  I spend all day in full “deck the halls with bats and cobwebs” stride, but somehow still work up to the last minute.  (Thank heaven we had a friend visiting, who helped shell pistachios and meticulously roll filling into several dozen squares of puff pastry dough.)  But the rush of preparation is half the fun for me.  Even if I did over-boil the caramel.

The only real downside to the battiness is that I always think twice about grabbing the camera.

I don’t have time for it.  I have to get dressed.  I’m not even wearing makeup yet!  I should put up more spiderwebs instead. 

But yet – I always roll my eyes, run upstairs, and retrieve the big black beast – and I’m always glad I did.  Because even though in my rush to scurry the last of the decoration leftovers back into a closet somewhere I don’t have time to stage and prep and photograph anything like it’s going to run full-spread in Better Homes and Gardens….at least I have a few shots to remember a fun night with great food and – even better – friends.

Luckily, people are always 30 mins late to a party.  Whew.

Hope you had a great Halloween!

A hand-painted Halloween banner was this year’s project:

Erika Beck - November 2, 2013 - 12:23 pm

Looks like fun!! 🙂

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