High Heels and Running Shoes | Savannah

If I’ve learned one thing about the Morgan women, it’s that they’ll completely amaze you doing one thing, and then you turn around and they’ll completely amaze you doing something entirely different.  Savannah, the student council cross country star who got dropped off for this photo shoot after piano lessons, loves to cook.  We have happy conversations about new dishes (especially desserts), and it brings me no small amount of pleasure that she’s a fellow spirit who will let out a genuine “Mmmmmmmm……” just hearing about a good recipe.  We walked around downtown Liberty talking about family and food, clicking away while the sun slipped behind the treeline.  The next day, we headed to the middle school where she sprinted the same piece of track over and over, still chatting away without sounding remotely winded.  Whether in a bold pink dress with tall black heels or a t-shirt and Nikes, Savannah pretty much owns any situations she’s in.  I can’t wait to see what she does with her life, because I’m already blown away with what she’s doing with it right now…

Change of clothes, change of scenery:

This shoot is a mix of natural light and off-camera flash.  Many thanks go to the wonderful and beautiful Savannah, who spent a lot of time with me in the creation of these images.  Thanks also to her fabulous little sister Addie, who assisted me with lighting.

I already had the pleasure of photographing Savannah’s mom, which you can see here, and her older sister Emily, which you can find here.  Can’t wait for Addie’s turn!

Erika - October 11, 2011 - 6:14 am


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