My Printer Is Back From The Dead…

Once upon a time when I was a bright-eyed senior in high school, I went to the bank and carefully withdrew the thousand dollars I had saved up hauling crates of dough, making pizzas, and scrubbing dishes at Papa Murphy’s.   I took it to Circuit City and laid it all down for a brand new laptop computer.   I had insisted that I would not go to college with a desktop.  It seemed the definition of uncool.  I’ll never forget the rewarding blue glow of the power button when I first turned it on, the quiet keys, the bright screen.  It was all mine, and worth every scouring of every tomato sauce bin.

Thrown into the computer deal was a small Epson printer.  It was a sharp-looking but unassuming thing.  I got a different printer that had a scanner with it, and the little Epson was boxed for years.  I thought it was actually dead but I took the time to try to revive it for one very important feature –

It prints onto CDs and DVDs!

They have actually discontinued this particular model, and I had to do some searching online to find a Vista-compatible driver.  But I don’t care – it prints sharp images directly onto the DVDs, and it looks like magic.  I love technology sometimes – when it helps me be creative, it’s awesome.

Speaking of creativity, I have a shoot tomorrow that I’m very excited about.  Check back later this week to see why…

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