The Coys | Family Photos in Clipper Mill, Baltimore

She’s in that curious, delightful, “mommy’s necklace is the best toy ever” phase. Crawling, reaching, touching, investigating everything with little chubby palms, flashing a smile that ensures she’ll get away with it. Her brilliant parents make perfect dinner party companions. They’re the Teach for America, tech-savvy, stylish type who everyone wants to hang out with. Best of all, they’re the kind of people who are actually making the world a better place instead of just talking about it. (Plus, they introduced me to Ticket to Ride, and my life has never been the same since.)

We spent a 67-degree day in December wandering through Clipper Mill, an artistic neighborhood that has risen from the industrial ashes of Baltimore. An area that could so easily have been a ruined blight has transformed into a bustling street of elbow-to-elbow shops where glass and iron are coaxed into art, and people dine on restaurant patios while neighbors walk their dogs along the street. We shot until the last rays of sun slipped beneath the hills above us. I slipped my key into the ignition and rested my head against the seat for one moment before driving away, closing my eyes and thanking heaven that I get to spend this part of my life in a growing city with some of the very people who will make it thrive.

Ann and Andrew, thank you so much for a fun evening, and for (as usual) introducing me to some treasures of Baltimore I’d never seen before. You guys never cease to amaze.

Happy holidays!

Jeffrey James - April 10, 2013 - 12:35 pm

She is adorable and energetic

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