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Working on the police force, he has more than a few wild stories to his name – but perhaps no more wild than bailing out of his own 30th birthday party so he could go call this new girl with Italian dark hair and gorgeous eyes.  They laugh when they tell this story, and can no longer recall what they even said over all those hours on the phone.  Words are footnotes in this love story – what’s important is that they couldn’t end the conversation.  As we walked around downtown Kansas City, it was obvious from the way he prioritizes and protects her, and the way she responds with matching exuberance, that they haven’t lost whatever it was that pulled him away from the party that night.

A November chill set into the evening as we wandered the library district.  Yellow leaves dotted the sidewalk and the sunset bounced between buildings, a warm glow against the cold air.  He draped her in his coat between shots and they kept each other smiling.  Something happens when you photograph a married couple, when you strip away their responsibilities and just observe them spending time together.  It can’t be described, and if you don’t watch for it you might miss it.  It’s not there on the wedding day, it’s something that only comes after conquering some bad days, sleepless nights, moves, career changes, and other life hurdles together.  It’s different from couple to couple, but it’s always there, and especially when you catch it unawares, it’s a pleasure to photograph.

Tina showing Vogue how it’s done:

This might be my favorite:

Thank you both, so much, for making this evening so fabulous!  What a pleasure to spend time with talented, humble people who love each other.  I enjoyed every minute watching you two together – a pleasure that I’ll never forget.

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