The River | Braden & Anna

After a few chance encounters and brief introductions, they found themselves chatting at an event one evening.  The conversation spilled out into the parking lot.  They talked and talked…and were still talking after all their friends had gone.  Not long after, Anna had a spot of car trouble and pulled over, only to find herself calling Braden, who she still barely knew.  It surprised even her that she already trusted him enough to reach out when she needed help.  Instant trust.  It must mean something.

The Boise river moved slowly alongside us as the sun slid behind the trees, and we talked quietly while geese flew overhead.  Anna and Braden have since married, and are expecting a baby boy in a few weeks.  We marked the occasion with a sunset photoshoot by the river that flows through the heart of my hometown.  Braden happens to be a skilled photographer and videographer, and naturally Anna is one of his favorite subjects, so she’s a patient pro at being photographed.  I doubt there ever was a kinder couple, so mindful of one another and considerate in word and action.  I don’t know if kindness is visible, but if it ever had a chance of being photographed, it was that evening as they stood together on the river bank, holding each other and laughing.

The temperature dropped with the sun, and we thawed out afterward over dinner in their home.  We talked about life and falling into married love and, of course, photo gear (what else?).  It was one of those evenings that made you wish life had a pause button.

But that, I suppose, is why we take photographs.


I just love the light in Anna’s face:

Thank you, Anna and Braden, for spending such a beautiful evening with me, and also for inviting me into your home.  I loved every minute.  I hope I get to catch up with you next time I’m in Boise, and hopefully have a chance to get all THREE of you in front of my lens.  Until then!

P.S.  While I was taking photos, Braden was hard at work behind the scenes.  More to come…

Braden Storrs - February 17, 2012 - 8:57 pm

Thank you so much Jenika for that fun filled evening! It was awesome! I’m glad to be your friend. And everyone else, be on the look out. Some more amazing stuff from that evening is coming soon! 🙂

Dina Smith - February 22, 2012 - 7:18 pm

Beautiful pictures….beautiful girl!

Sherry Ward - February 23, 2012 - 5:46 pm

These are beautiful! I REALLY LOVE the first one!

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