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Understanding Cookies and Your Online Experience

When you visit our Site, a small amount of information known as a “cookie” is downloaded to your computer or device. We utilize various types of cookies, each serving a distinct purpose, including functional, performance, advertising, and social media or content cookies.

Enhancing Your Browsing Experience

Cookies play a pivotal role in enhancing your browsing experience. They allow the website to remember your actions and preferences, such as login information and region selection. This functionality eliminates the need for you to repeatedly enter the same information when returning to the site or navigating between pages. Additionally, cookies provide valuable insights into how individuals use the website, distinguishing between first-time visitors and frequent users.

Types of Cookies We Use

To optimize your experience on our Site and deliver our services effectively, we employ different types of cookies. The duration a cookie remains on your computer or mobile device hinges on whether it is categorized as “persistent” or “session.” Session cookies persist until you conclude your browsing session, while persistent cookies endure until their expiration or deletion. The majority of the cookies we use are persistent, with lifespans ranging from 30 minutes to two years from the date of download.

Taking Control of Your Cookie Preferences

It’s essential to note that you can manage and control cookies in various ways. However, it’s crucial to recognize that removing or blocking cookies may impact your user experience, potentially rendering parts of our website inaccessible.

While most browsers automatically accept cookies, you retain the option to decide whether to accept them through your browser controls. These controls are typically located in your browser’s “Tools” or “Preferences” menu. Be mindful that blocking cookies may not entirely prevent the sharing of information with third parties, such as our advertising partners.

Maintaining Transparency in Information Sharing

Blocking cookies may not fully restrict how we share information with third parties, especially our advertising partners. To exercise your rights or opt-out of specific uses of your information by these parties, refer to the instructions in the “Behavioural Advertising” section above.